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Who, Why and How: Professional Organizers

Did you know almost 80% of the U.S.’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) last year came from the service sector?  A big number, but not a new trend. Defined as an economic activity that does not result in ownership, or  provide physical goods, … Continued

Clearing Out? The ABCs of Selling, or Donating

If you decide to donate, it’s green AND greater good Don’t confuse what is helpful and convienent for you (finding a place that’ll take your stuff) with what is a welcome/needed donation for them. Make sure your donations fit the needs and … Continued

Are You Registered to Vote? Do it Now, or Lose it.

As an institution, The Refreshed Home holds an individual’s right to vote very dearly, and decries anyone who wants to mess with that. ANYONE. As we journey through the last weeks of summer, November seems oh-so-far-away. But anyone who treasures this right … Continued

Unwanted Piano? Read-and Share This!

Many possessions are difficult to part with, but having another place where said possessions  can go and be loved and utilized often eases the distress. Unwanted pianos though are notoriously difficult to adopt-out. They are big, and difficult to move; often … Continued

Multi-generational Living- Not a Trend, Reality

Adult children moving back home was the topic of an article earlier this week in USA Today.  It was the latest in a parade of commentaries, citing the obvious.  Multi-generational living arrangements is neither news, or a trend.  For many people, for … Continued

Growing Fresh Air (Oh Yes, You Can!)

When I was in school and desperately broke, I decorated with plants because it was cheap. Later, I included plants in my floor plans for my clients largely for aesthetic value-there was always a plant or tree out there that could … Continued