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Gauging Home Staging Success

“A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing” In his 1709  Essay on Criticism, poet Alexander Pope cautioned against the shallow or casual sampling of information, advising instead to either avoid it, or drink deeply. The Refreshed Home … Continued

Two of My Staged/SOLD Properties This Year Were FSBOs!

Compiling my YTD business numbers, surprised and gladdened to realize I had a new category of properties to track-FSBOS! FSBOs-For Sale By Owner-are properties sold without the representation of an agent or brokerage. There may be a few reasons a seller … Continued

The Refreshed Home: Reflections and Numbers From 2013

Westchester County Real Estate in 2013 was a mixed bag. While recovery is still due for some, it certainly brought solid  improvement for many. While I love what I do anyway, 2013 affirmed much of what I believed in, and hoped for when I … Continued

”It’s Only Weird if it Doesn`t Work”

“It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work”. This has been the second NFL season this tag line has been reverberating through millions of homes. Mis-matched socks, assorted rituals and talismans, and let’s not forget the dreaded QUINOA BURGER.  And this summer  “Fear the … Continued

FAQs: Does Home Staging HAVE to Include Rental Furniture?

FAQs are the most fun posts to write:  simple questions, short answers with few qualifies. This FAQ is the shortest answer yet (NO!), so will  embellish it just a wee bit.              Whether your Westchester County property is vacant or occupied, Home … Continued