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ODD (On-Demand Design): Not Odd, or Adversarial!

ODD: On-Demand Design is not odd, OR adversarial. Actually its user-friendly and very practical! When you work with The Refreshed Home, On-Demand Design means: First, we know each other. We’ve met, we’ve talked. There is a connection, a general meeting … Continued

Decorating FAQs: What Comes First-the Sofa or Rug?

  …or the wall color, or the window treatment,  or …? Welcome back to FAQs, the series where everyone is treated to quick and specific answers to their questions about their space and their things, The Refreshed Home-style! Indeed, what … Continued

Coloring Your World: ORANGE You Glad??

Besides being a punchline to a child’s’ knock-knock joke (‘ORANGE you glad I didn’t say banana?’)  and knowing there is no word that rhymes with it, The Refreshed Home asks-what do we really know about “ORANGE”? YES!  The series Coloring Your … Continued

Decorating FAQs: What is Redesign?

A good economic indicator>Decorating FAQs are popping up all over!  Today’s question centers on a popular buzzword, “Redesign”. Written or spoken, we communicate with words. The best word choices convey nuance and details, they also attract and engage listeners when they are different, or unexpected. “Redesign” popped … Continued

I’ll Tell You What You Want (What You Really Really Want)

We romanticize mavericks, and secretly relish the image of rebels or non-conformist, but home at night in our bunny slippers, deep down, we crave order, yearn for accomplishments, and welcome new beginnings.  YUP, it’s what we really, really want. This week saw the … Continued

California Chrome: Colors, and Destiny

Never been a horse person…but what drew me in enough to read California Chrome’s story, chuckle at the story behind  “DAP” on the silks, then be genuinely touched by, and interested in this story was this photo of him winning the Derby, … Continued

How to Shop for a Mattress

February is a big mattress-buying month.  If you’re looking, here are some very simple tips to make the process less stressful, and your decision easier. First, acknowledge the very act of buying a mattress is uncomfortable. You’re laying down, in front of … Continued