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Colors We Love: Going for the Greys!

If  you’re chromophobic, but know it’s time to paint, all the decor chatter extolling the virtues of grey sure sounds like good news. I mean, it’s grey! How hard can it be?? Have you been to a paint counter lately??  Greys … Continued

Coloring Your World: ORANGE You Glad??

Besides being a punchline to a child’s’ knock-knock joke (‘ORANGE you glad I didn’t say banana?’)  and knowing there is no word that rhymes with it, The Refreshed Home asks-what do we really know about “ORANGE”? YES!  The series Coloring Your … Continued

California Chrome: Colors, and Destiny

Never been a horse person…but what drew me in enough to read California Chrome’s story, chuckle at the story behind  “DAP” on the silks, then be genuinely touched by, and interested in this story was this photo of him winning the Derby, … Continued

Coloring Your World: YELLOW-Letting the Sun Shine In!

Colors are visual tags that tell a story, Coloring Your World looks at the history and psychology of these colors that surround and influence us.  Rounding out the primary colors, this  installment focuses on big, bright, beautiful YELLOW. As a … Continued

Coloring Your World: The Paradox of BLUE

Color surrounds us. It drives, soothes, influences, intrigues and inspires us.  It also intimidates the heck out of us when presented in the form of a paint fan, or a wall of fabric swatches. Coloring Your World is a series that … Continued

Coloring Your World: RED-Do You Dare?

Color surrounds us. It drives, soothes and inspires us.  It also intrigues us-yet intimidates the heck out of us when presented in the form of a paint fan. Coloring Your World is a new series that takes a look at the history and psychology … Continued

What a Red Door Means in Scotland

What A Red Door Means In Scotland Months ago I had come across this great post..sent myself a link to the page, marked it with purple flag (meaning urgent follow-up, HA!), then it slid right off my radar. Until this past … Continued