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…and the Oscar goes to-WHOOPS!!

YES, it was exactly a year ago that many of us were speaking in half-sentences: “Did you see…?”, “Can you believe…?” , “What the heck …?”,  “How…?”  On live TV, in front of millions world wide, the absolutely unthinkable happened: … Continued

Giving Thanks, and Being the Change

There is lot going on the world these days.  Many hearts are ohso heavy, and the ongoing,  omnipresent ‘updates’ magnify the sorrow. Dismiss the ‘there has always been great discord, social media just lets us see it more now’ argument-it … Continued

Home Staging’s Sweetest Fruit

We picked raspberries in the early morning stillness today at Rockefeller Park.   It was quiet, but steamy, and buggy. And most of the fruit closest to the trail had already been picked. But many fat, ruby-colored berries called to … Continued

Have You Made Your Labor Day Resolutions Yet?

Originally published in September 2012, updated yearly Many Labor Days ago (before everything was online) I remember reading an op-ed piece in the NYT, exploring why Labor Day would make a better New Years Day. Don’t ask me where my … Continued

Think of The Refreshed Home as Your New i-Whatever

When you got your last electronic gadget, did you just take it out of the box, and start using it? Well, you probably wanted to. Maybe you even tried to. But new model have different programs and capabilities. Even early-adapters … Continued

Westchester’s Furniture Sharehouse Needs Your Vote TODAY

Regular readers know I’ve written about Furniture Sharehouse before. It’s our local furniture bank, where basic, average unwanted furniture is collected, then re-distributed to clients of about 40 different agencies, FREE. Donors re-claim space in their home while getting a … Continued